All women who enroll in STAR are valued and important and we want to make sure that participants have a voice in how the study is conducted. This sentiment has given rise to the formation of a STAR Participant Advisory Board (PAB), a group of eighteen women participating in this study.

The PAB serves in an advisory capacity to the NSABP Headquarters’ staff and to the STAR membership. They are asked to provide feedback on the content of consent forms, recruitment and compliance strategies, proposed STAR sub-studies, methods for communicating to all STAR participants, and many other trial issues as they arise. The board members will also participate in NSABP meetings, press conferences, and site-specific, participant events that are held for recruitment and compliance purposes across the United States and Canada.

The STAR Participant Advisory Board:
(back, left to right) Hsiao-Mei Wiedmeyer, Gerri Groody, Marsha Minervini, Ann Marie Gugger,
Judith Jordan (PAB Chair), Grace Del Castillo, Jeanne Smith, and Evelyn Smith DeMille.
(front, left to right) Jeannie Morice, Jackie Thomas, Judy Hupfield, Arlene Stevens, Susan Shea, Lonnie Williams,
Heather Gracie L'Heureux, Shirley Ealey, and Nancy Gent.

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